(The) Varsity

There has been some extensive debate on the Warwick blogs, here, about whether The Varsity pub, that nestles nicely on Kirby corner outside the university, is in fact called ‘Varsity’ or ‘The Varsity’.

For my 10p worth I think its ‘The Varsity’, and I can say so with some certainty, because once upon a time, shortly after I graduated from Warwick (30th Auguest 1999), a friend (Jay McGuinness) and I embarked on a 1 day epic adventure doing a tour of the majority of ‘The Varsitys’ in the country (at the time). So here you go (apologies for the poor image quality)…


The Varsity - Lincoln


The Varsity - Leicester


The Varsity - Wolverhampton


The Varsity - Birmingham

Coventry (City Centre)

The Varsity - Coventry

Coventry (University of Warwick)…

 The Varsity - University of Warwick

So there you go definetely ‘The Varsity’, in fact the Unversity of Warwick arm was ‘The New Varsity’!

Author: Ben King

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