Political party leaders – When will they realise?!?

Talking about… BBC News: Blair hit by wave of resignations

Wow what a day in British politics. 8 resignations (as of now), albeit Junior ministers, just because Blair has refused to name his date for leaving office.

Lots of angles to talk about here! Aaahhh!! I don’t know where to start.

Would 1 let alone 8 junior ministers really bother to throw themselves on the sword for such a short term issue?! I suspect there is more to this story… which I am sure I will find the truth out about while watching a 30 second snippet on a History Channel documentary about ‘early 21st century British politics’ in about 40 years time.

However, when will it finally dawn on any parties that general elections are basically a popularity contest?!! As such this always means the popular kid at school will win.

Large amounts of the voters don’t care/don’t understand/are set in the ways to for the current policies of the parties to actually matter.

The labour party I suspect realised this back in the 90s, when they ousted Kinnock and killed off John Smith (remember him?!), to make way for a young and trendy Anthony Charles Lynton Blair aka Tony (I wonder how much of a lead he took, on the naming front, from the famous ancestry denying Anthony Wedgwood Benn aka Tony Benn).

So Is Gordon Brown (who I will let you decide to what extent he does or idoesn’t fulfill the popular kid at school role) the right way to go?! 

It took some time for the popularity factor to dawn on the Tories, after the relative success of Maggie aka Baroness Thatcher, they hit rock nearly bottom on popularity with the unbeatable neutrality of John Major.

In an attempt to combat the Blair, they wheeled in William Hague, in hindsight probably a potentially good card played out of at the wrong time, had they thrown him down on the table after his appearance on Have I Got News for You.

Next followed Iain Duncan Smith, I have tried to find something good, bad or of note to say about Iain Duncan Smith and frankly the best I can come up with is that he has the best personal website of all the party leaders I have looked at in this blog!

Next the Tories moved onto Michael Howard, oooh bad move – up until now they seemed to demonstrating some form of iterative improvement, and maybe this was just a step on the path they had to take, however the vampiric image was always going to be a problem!

Now it gets interesting… David William Donald Cameron, the tories (almost) younger play – if I was a gambling man (which I am),  I would say this is almost certainly a Blair beater, and possibly very unsporting against a Gordon Brown play by Labour.

The only chance that labour have is to find someone new, young, fresh, charismatic and appealing to the voters.

Anyone fancy a small wager?

For once I feel obliged to point out that the views expressed in my blog are my own and not those of my employer bit10!

Author: Ben King

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