Thieving Ba*****ds, TomTom and Autoglass…

The subject of this blog, probably gives you a fair idea what this is going to be about and go someway to explaining why at 4.54am on a cold wet December morning I find myself in the waiting room at Autoglass Birmingham.

So yesterday I left my car in Coventry ‘Central Six’ railway station car park (for which Virgin kindly tax me 6 quid), I get back from London at 8pm to find the passenger side window of my car broken and suprise suprise my TomTom missing.

Obviously my TomTom wasn’t on display but the cradle was stuck to the windscreen, those clever crims of course realise that this just means the TomTom itself is hiding in car somewhere (in my case in the drivers side mini glove compartment).

I phoned the police to report it, they said this week there was a run on sat navs, and apparently even if i removed the cradle the classic mark on the windscreen is enough to justify a breakin…. sigh mental note to self – carry windolene and duster in car.

Now this is just a royal pain in the ass because my car has frameless doors making a temporary repair impossible. A quick call to Autoglass and they would love to fix it under insurance, unfortunately they can’t do it for another 2 days! (presumably maxed out fixing windows in the aftermath of a spate of TomTom thefts!), I protest and the helpful call center lady makes some calls and says comes back with the 4am in Birmingham option!

Those of you who know me will know that I am positively joyous in the morning and love nothing more than a good early start – NOT!

Anyway here I am at Autoglass – and I am frankly impressed, its a textbook example of both customer care and effective brand and message communication.

The waiting room is warm, clean, comfortable with (as far as I can tell) infinite free coffee, TV and Internet access (hence my ability to blog on the experience!).

The way they convey their brand messages is very open, and quite clever, all over the workshop walls are messages such as ‘professional – be calm and confident’, ‘caring – show respect for customers and their cars’, and many others. Obviously these are directed at their staff, but also get seen by customers reinforcing their confidence…

Good stuff Autoglass – I approve!

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

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  1. Guys. get a life! we Autoglass techs work very hard and put a lot into our job, our hands are tied, we are controlled by the ivory tower bods. We do the best we can with what we are given, so please if you want to complain dont shout and ball at the guy or girl standing on your doorstep, phone customer service or the office! As for the indipendants, Good luck and for your sake I hope ladda* dont con you too much!

  2. I have just had my windscreen replaced on my dinner hour at work on the carpark by autoglass. Cost me £65 excess with AXA, took the nice chap 40min to do and im allowed to drive away in an hour. I only rang them yesterday so im happy with that

  3. I too work for autoglass in the call centre. I find it quite disgusting that people can sit and moan because we didn’t get the correct piece of glass. I completely understand the inconvenience, and i know that it isn’t the customer’s fault, but it isn’t always our fault either. For some models, there can be up to 20 different windscreen versions. Now bear in mind, we may work for Autoglass, but we aren’t experts. You can’t tell me you have a 2005 Corsa and expect me to know the features and tints needed on that windscreen. We do have questions to narrow down to which screen we need to use for your vehicle, so it is down to whether you answer honestly or can be bothered to go out and check the specs of YOUR windscreen. If you don’t know – we don’t know. I find it so unfair that we can get screamed at to the point where I’ve even needed a breather because some moron has called me a stupid bitch and such other profanities and left me in tears, yet we get all the abuse and blame for things going wrong. Also you can’t expect us to always be able to cater to your every wish with regards to the appointments. We are so busy every day and go out of our way to get you a suitable appointment slot, but the company doesn’t revolve around you. I’d like to see you do this job and see how much crap you can take from people just like you. We’re trying. Thank you to the people who have recognised our efforts and spoken out about the good service we have provided. I don’t understand why people always say the bad and never the good comments.

  4. As an Autoglass employee of over 20 years I would like to add my tuppence worth.This once great successful vehicle glass company has been transformed into a high street brand by cleverly scripted tv commercials and radio adverts, but is now in grave danger of falling on its own
    sword.There has been a succession of branch closures/amalgamation and redundancies to cut costs along with in-vehicle

  5. Autoglass USED to be a great place to work for but has been turned into a high street brand which is now on a shaky nail.This has been a result of someone getting their projected figures massively wrong in this time of recession,relatively mild winter weather not cracking screens, people unable to afford increasing excesses AND Autoglass wasting MILLIONS on a useless IT system which has delivered nothing that was promised to the staff when we were forced to sign to agree to it being implemented.Further to this has been a raft of changes to terms and conditions including huge wage cuts and hundreds of redundancies, and if you include the sub standard glass and mouldings we now fit then dont be too surprised if the tech under huge pressure arrives at your place-poss the 2nd or 3rd time your appt has been rebooked isn’t in the best moodI

  6. I’ve never dealt with such an unprofessional company as Autoglass (Belron UK Ltd) – I’ve just had a conversation with Aviva Insurance and told them that under no circumstances will I let any one from Autoglass even look at my car let alone repair it (or fail to repair it is more accurate) The 1st technician was a nice guy, polite & professional, the 2nd was a moron. The company are staffed by morons and their ‘complaints promise’ on their website is bollocks – try writing to the MD and see what happens. Autoglass are a waste of time and space

  7. Hi guys

    Some interesting comments I’m hoping for a job at Autoglass ive passed the interview just wondering what the assessment day entails can anyone shed any light on this any tips greatly appreciated



  8. My windscreen was cracked during trip on the M25, I have the company name and registration of the vehicle from which the piece of stone was propelled, not that that will do me any good!. I contacted my insurers who put me onto Autoglass and paid my excess of £75. This was reported on the 15th April and I was given a date for one week later. This appointment was kept and although my vehicle is an S Type Jaguar the engineer produced a windscreen for a SEAT !. Engineer apologised and noted that my screen was of the heated wiper type. Yesterday, the 30th April, the new engineer arrived only to tell me that he had been provided with the wrong screen, this one of the fully heated variety!, going well eh!. By this time I was fuming and finding it very hard to believe that ANY company could be this inefficient, how wrong can you be, and having read a good few of these letters I can see clearly that Autoglass are building up huge problems for themselves. Apparently their hard pressed engineers now have to share the same phone line used by customers which is always busy and some calls are handled by America! Net result is that I am still waiting and only have the engineers promise of this coming Wednesday as being the earliest time for a repair. They currently have £75 of my money otherwise I would have gone to an alternative company by now. Autoglass appear to be rubbish!!

  9. Hello Bungle,

    Just wondering how your assessment day went and what it cosists of on the day ?

    Any tips ?


  10. Hi bundle I’m also going to an assesment day with autoglass and I was just wondering if you have been to yours now? And if so could you please shed some light on what to expect for the day? Cheers martin

  11. Booked with Autoglas and paid excessive £100 excess 3 days in advance had numerous texts and e mails reminding me that I was booked for that day between 1100- 1500 so I cleared sat nav and dash cam and all other bits I have that might have been in the way and duly waited. 12.45 I received a phone call to say they would not be coming as their IT system had gone down and couldn’t give me an alternative date. The excuse doesn’t seem valid, as surely the engineer would have had his job sheets day before so he could plan his day? I’m not happy as lost a morningand vehicle is in for MOT in two days so possible fail with crack in screen meaning more wasted time in retesting etc. These issues always have a knock on effect would much prefer truth such as engineer has taken day off to go to carr boot, or got pissed night before…unfortunately seems that Autoglass have monopoly on insurance jobs so perhaps an issue for Monopolies Commission?

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