Autoglass – the power of the blog… oh and bird food!

It seems my blog entry on my great experience with Autoglass hasn’t gone unnoticed, even apparently generating business for them.

Its a good job that I did have a good experience as a quick Google search for ‘Autoglass’, brings my blog entry up as fourth.

Search Autoglass on Google
This goes a long way to demonstrate the power of blog and other content entries on Google results, its especially interesting for organisations like Autoglass for whom in the normal course of events don’t get much content written them about them. Therefore one good or bad customer review can make a huge difference to their business.

At bit10 we often experience the reverse of this problem for SME’s for whom we do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for, the classic problem is that no-one links to them with good or bad reviews, therefore their Google ranking suffers terribly, so even if you tick all the other SEO boxes, they will still do badly on a perfect search phrase for them.

A good example is Food4WildBirds, who as the name suggests specialise in ‘Food for Wild Birds’, basically they are the one stop shop for ‘Wild Bird Food’ and other small animal feed and treats. Great company, great service, and great SEO work on our part, however they still suffer because of the lack of links to their site.

So how do we fix this? Well one way of course is blog entries like this, however more effective in the long term is to get affiliate marketing and linking engrained into the organisation, so they are building relationships and activities that will legitimately improve their Googlerank.

Update (29/1/2016) – 9 years later and I have been contacted by Food4WildBirds asking me to remove the link to their site because it is dragging their google results down. Presumably because I haven’t updated my blog for some time. So I have delinked them above.




Author: Ben King

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