Yay – all sorted…

Just in from MS:

Hello Ben,
Thank you for writing to Windows Live ID Technical Support. I apologize for the delay in answering your e-mail. We normally respond within one business day, but we have received an unusually large number of messages recently. We appreciate your patience as we handle every customer request as quickly as possible. This is Juhn and based from what I have read on your message, you suspect that someone may have compromised your King@hotmail.co.uk account. I know how important this issue can be to you and I look forward in helping you resolve this problem.
I have successfully verified the data you provided and I have sent a password reset message to the e-mail address that you asked us to respond to, ben@bit10.net.
— so i am now happily back on MSN!

Update (21/07/2008)

After recieving many posts and emails with people asking and pleading with me to help them get their hotmail back I have prepared a handy document that tells you everything you need to know. I am making a small charge for this of $10, you can buy it here.

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

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