Autoglass the next chapter…

So the Autoglass comments keep coming on my blog entry about my (good) Autoglass experience, you can read it here.

Now I have had an interesting email through from a really nice guy called Gavin Jenks, who works for Autoglass and has commented on my blog more than a couple of times.

Gavin has asked me if I can delete a comment he made, because he doesn’t want to get in trouble with the powers that be at Autoglass

I am really sorry Gavin mate but I have thought about it a lot and I just don’t think it would be right, heres my reasoning:

  1. The only thing with a longer memory than the Internet is the taxman, so even if I delete it, the comment will still exist on archive sites, etc. and just put into question other content here.
  2. If Autoglass don’t give staff guidelines on this sort of thing then really they can’t do anything against you.
  3. If the Autoglass marketing people are any good, they will long ago have discovered these blog entries and read them and if they were concerned about your comments they would have already taken action.
  4. I just don’t think its in the spirit of blogging.

Gavin, if you want to retract the comment, please feel free to post a retraction and I will ensure it gets published.

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

7 thoughts on “Autoglass the next chapter…”

  1. Boo! Now you have made me feel guilty!! My blogging ‘moral compass’ is spinning wildly!

  2. I vote for removing or updating his comment. In my opinion he should have the freedom to do with the data that he created as he wishes.

    You are absolutely right in that the Internet has a very long memory. And people should be aware of this and take note that anything they publish might not be that easy to remove!. However people make mistakes and eventhough it might not be possible or easy to always remove all the history, I don’t see any reason why not at least try.

    Further more policies are not always on your mind when you post something. It is easy to forget or to overlook a policy and change your mind after a nights sleep.

    With regards to the spirit of blogging, I think a
    retraction is probably a good thing. However had he not posted a comment, but a blog entry as a reply to yours and pinged your blog. He would still have had the freedom to modify or remove his blog post.

    I also think it would somewhat negatively effect people’s willingness to post comments.

    So in the name of freedom, I think that people should be able to do with their data (that they create) as they wish.

  3. Okay Casey and Jacob have spoken, and in reflection they are right, so I have deleted poor Gavins comments… and now I have a warm feeling inside, so it must have been the right thing. 🙂

  4. Went to AutoGlass in Colindale and asked price for side window for drivers . £190 plus VAT, got it done by a local guy £75 all in. Autoglass what a rip off

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