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In a nutshell BT (which accounts for 0.7% of the UK power usage), is investing £250m in building its own windfarms which it estimates will generate 25% of its power needs, or enough to power a city the size of Coventry) .

Firstly good work BT, good to see a corporate taking its responsibility seriously.

The numbers however lead to some interesting thoughts, and it all seems soo cheap, that why aren’t we doing it… over simplified argument coming up.

We are based in Coventry and as of the last Census theres about 300,000 of us living here. If £250m buys you enough power for a city the size of Coventry… unless I have got the zeros wrong on my calculator that equates to £833 per person… I reckon I spend half that per year on power at home… so where do I sign up?

Take this up to a national scale and it equates to £143b, which while not a trivial sum of money still only equates to £2380 per person… so I wonder what the ROI on a wind turbine is?

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