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Andrew has quite rightly identified one of bit10‘s recurring problems, people often fail to understand everything we do. Mostly they pigeonhole us into being experts in the thing they use us for…

Of course this is entirely our fault, we start by hiding behind ‘Full service digital agency’ who ‘Loves doing digital’, but few people realise what this means, then we somehow fail to make the effort to communicate to our customers what we actually do.

This problem is exacerpated by the fact that our customer research has told us that current bit10 customers NEVER look at our website (hence our site now is firmly targeted at new customers).

The solution is frankly simply down to plain old conversation, take the time to chat to your customers to identify their current and future business needs and then point our where you can help them! As per usual everyones enemy… ‘Time’ gets in the way.

For the record, bit10 do:

  • Internet, intranet, digital marketing strategy and consultancy
  • Creative web design
  • Web application development
  • Accessibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Web analytics
  • Online marketing (dm, adword and affiliate marketing management)
  • Hosting
  • Internet connectivity (University of Warwick Science Park only)

Basically everything Internet! 🙂 You can see the full blurb here.

And thanks Andrew for giving me an excuse to list bit10s services on my blog! 🙂

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

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