DRM, Copyright, the saga goes on…

 Commenting on:  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/01/11/att_want_to_block_copyrighted_material_at_network_level/

The solution to all this is very very simple.

I want the luxury of being able to download whatever material I want, when I want from where I want in whatever format I want. That as a customer is what I want, and the customer is always right.

The only question is what I am prepared to pay for it, and how. As I don’t want to be bound to any particular channel (iTunes for example), and I don’t want to be paying per use, there is only one option which is some form of Digital Download License, which we pay an amount of money per year (say £150), to do whatever we want online, bit like the TV license.

The question obviously is, how do the respective rights holders get their slice of the pie, well simply offer a discount on the license fee to anyone happy to run some form of software that monitors what copyright material you are downloading and reports that somewhere for statistical analysis for revenue distribution.

This won’t work however if I am required to buy more than one license or there is in anyway some restrictions, for example you can download everything except shows by NBC.

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

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