Jamie’s Fowl Dinners aka Jamie kills chickens!

I finally got around to watching the much hyped ‘Jamie’s Fowl Dinners’ which seems to have caused a bit of a ruck as we see our once favourite TV chef trying to shock us into not buying caged chicken.

Before i go on lets get my personal buying habits out of the way, I strictly buy free range and where possible organic eggs and chickens, it tastes better and makes me feel better and frankly the for the small number of pennies different in price, why not?!

I applaud Jamie for trying to raise awareness, and I did watch it with a bit of an attitude of ‘its okay I buy organic already’, shocking facts to me were:

  1. The price supermarkets pay to farmers for chicken, 2->3p per chicken, surely that can’t be right? I always apply a 30% rule to anything I buy in the supermarket, i.e. i pay £3 for a chicken, and the farmer is getting a £1… apparently i am way wrong, can anyone clarify?! The messaged seemed to be that if you spend a £1 more on a chicken for sunday dinner, that £1 mostly made its way back to the farmer making a huge difference.
  2. Liquid eggs – makes sense I suppose, however the thought of it being in many products i buy is a bit sickening and I feel horribly powerless to do anything about it!

Taking a step back I am interested in why Jamie Oliver is doing this, killing chickens live on TV is bound to upset some people, and apparently the RSPCA are more than a little pissed at him. Although Jamie Oliver has fallen in popularity over the past few years, I am sure there is plenty of money left for him to coast along for a good few years to come… so I can only conclude that either he genuinely believes what he is doing now… or he is taking a high risk approach to taking his career to a new level.

PS Sainsburys – bad on you for not appearing in the show – slap! to punish you I will be defecting for precisely one shop – oh wait like you care!

Author: Ben King

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