RGB Direct – yet another customer service failure…

So two weeks ago I ordered a new Samsung LCD TV from RGB Direct (http://www.rgbdirect.co.uk).

I should have known better when the onerous ordering system forced me to supply home phone and mobile before continuing (My only home phone line is for ADSL and fax), but I ploughed on.

I selected the free delivery because although it said delivery would take 14 days, I didn’t really need it yet, so I could wait.

The next day I got a hassling call from their logistics trying to talk me into paying for delivery so I could get it quicker, and that I would have to wait for the tv to be delivered ‘directly from the manufacturer’.

I eventually convinced them, that I was happy with the free delivery option (though I sensed I would regret it).

Yesterday they phoned me to say that delivery would be today between 10 and 6, I ensured that there was someone at the house all day. They happened to turn up while I was out with the TV, and then demanded to see the credit card I paid with (despite it being delivered to the same address as the card). The card was of course with me, so they took the TV away again. In addition they revealed how they lied to me, it was their own people delivering the TV to me rather than ‘direct from the manufacturer’, so basically their free delivery option is them delivering it whenever they can be bothered.

I phoned up to rearrange delivery and they told me that redelivery would cost me £35 – more than if I had taken their 2 day delivery option in the first place.

I just went with the, fair enough I will cancel my order… and now they are T&Cing me… (see below).

Basically rubbish, my recommendation is DO NOT USE RGB DIRECT.

—–Original Message—–
From: RGB Customer Services [mailto:service@rgbdirect.co.uk]
Sent: 27 June 2008 17:28
To: Ben King
Subject: RE: Failed Delivery Charge apply

 Dear Sir, Further to your email , please note that any failed delivery are subjectedto a charge of £35.00 for refund to process. With reference to the creditcard swipe , we always take manual verification swipe of Credit/debit cardon delivery this is completely for security reasons , we have also statedclearly on our terms and conditions  www.rgbdirect.co.uk . As you have placed order on internet , you must have seen the terms andconditions of delivery . At this stage if you wish to cancel the order ,there will be £35.00 failed delivery charge apply to your account. Pleaseconfirm accordingly and we will process the refund as per your request.   Thank you Kind regards  Customer Services Tel:  0208 478 1444Mob:0796 696 8734Fax: 0208 924 0114Email:Service@rgbdirect.co.uk

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

10 thoughts on “RGB Direct – yet another customer service failure…”

  1. The TV was ordered by my company on a company credit card. The delivery was made to the company address, but because I was not present, even though our accounts were able to prove both the card holder address and produce a statement showing the transaction the TV was not left. This is FRAUD prevention gone stupid. The company wanted a further £35 to redeliver, now it all seems a bit of a scam to me.

    Basically rubbish, my recommendation is DO NOT USE RGB DIRECT.


    Have read all the reviews and thought it was just me at first…
    Bought an item over the net, said it was in stock, paid for item later they said they need to order item in, I needed it straight away and said I want to cancel, they outright refused! didnt even take delivery at all. Very rude and arrogant Customer service… actually no customer service at all! they are a bunch of fraudsters! They should be stopped!
    Feel like Ive been robbed!


  3. Foolishly I didn’t spot these reviews before purchasing £2k worth of goods from RGB Direct.
    I was contacted the day after making an oline purchase and asked to upgrade my delivery to a timed one for £25 extra. I declined.I had already paid £35.
    Four days after purchase the courier came with two out of four of my purchases. They couldnt get the LG 60″ 3DTV in the van as it was a hired van, the “normal” van was in for MOT so we had to wait in a second day for the TV which came yesterday. However, no glasses came and I contacted customer services. Then came all the excuses about the items being out of stock and how somebody should have let me know, blah blah. Even though they had “just “come in to stock yesterday they cannot dispatch until Monday and should be with us Tuesday so that’s another day we have to wait in. RGB would not post them stating categorically that the glasses would be damaged if sent by Royal Mail and it has to be a courier.

    So in summary, very poor communications, very poor customer service,no paperwork(invoice/receipt/warranty) at all sent with the goods and any saving made by buying on line is lost in time off work waiting in and you will have to do all the chasing for missing items. Overall I would give RGB 2/10 which means that I would NEVER buy from them again, I have told them that and now I am telling any prospective purchaser.

  4. I purchased a Samsung television from RGB along with a BluRay player and have nothing but praise for the dervice I received. Excellent price, excellent service. Would use them again without hesitation.

  5. I have purchased from these guys and had nothing but great service. I believe John is from another company trying to leave bad feedback which I have seen in the past. My Samsung UE55ES8000 is great and RGB delivered on time.

    I have had a problem before with an older Sony set however RGB exchanged it for me straight away. I showed my TV set to their service manager who made the decision instantly.

    I have never had a problem before. I spoke to the manager Jas and received great service as he explained to me the difference between the different models when I purchased my Samsung TV. There Ilford store has a good range on display and I would highly recommend them.

  6. I was about to buy a TV for my mum but noticed their ‘price promice’, yes, a promice. So got a little suspicious, so started doing my research into them. I won’t be buying from them based on everything I have read.

  7. Arrrrgh!
    Disgusting service. Ordered Next Day delivery by noon on a Wednesday and promised a Thursday delivery. Nothing arrived…phoned at 17.20 to be told I missed the ‘cut off’ point of 3 pm on day of order (?!) thus delivery will be on Friday. Not impressed with call handler who contradicted himself several times, interrupted myself and refused to cancel order for me until I miss the delivery whilst in hospital & working tomorrow. Asked for manager to call in the morning then told she won’t be in until Monday. NOT a good first experience.
    Was told I needed the name of the guy in Internet support I spoke to on Wednesday yet his name wasn’t on the email from him nor did this call handler offer his name until I asked…might want to review company procedures there!

  8. I bought a tv from mark at rgb yes problems with the tv but mark put my mind at rest told me not to worry they where all very helpful very polite it was all sorted out in the end to my satisfaction I cant complain sorry

  9. ive seen a vouchercode sports50 which gives you £50 of any new 2016 tv I picked the tv and followed the whole process until you pay …………..there is know where to put the promo code in so you cant get the discount. Ive emailed them but no reply….
    their loss…….
    Gary Edinburgh

  10. Terrible customer service with attitude

    I bought an LG washer/dryer with RGB 18 months ago and last November it started make noise and stopped working properly, therefore I contacted LG to organise a fix or replacement. They deemed it necessary to replace and passed me on to RGB with an uplift letter. After contacting them they asked me for the old machine back before any new machine could be replaced. I told them to come and collect for which they then asked for a £50 delivery charge. In which I responded I am not responsible for any costs resulting in a loss under the sale of goods act 1979, as this is my right since the product is under warranty for 10 years. After numerous emails and phone calls they showed no interest in resolving this eventually I gave up as the issue has gone on for over 2 months now. I then asked for a collection on a weekend or Wednesday week day, they then responded we only do Monday and Thursday deliveries (which is total madness ) anyway the resolution to this was organise your own courier to bring back the faulty machine (with this in mind LG will need to pay someone to collect the machine from them, ludicrous I know!) and then we can refund you which can take a week to enter your bank account. So overall a really bad experience as it seems this company are only good when taking your money, I made a huge mistake buying from them in the first place, they were marginally cheaper but have cost me in the long run as all other companies I’ve used in the past would take responsibility for faulty products.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that they would not refund be any money left over if the replacement product was under the value I paid, yet were more than happy to take additional money if I went slightly over.

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