New Mayflower Chinese Restaurant Coventry – FOOD FAIL

Last night we decided to have a cheeky Chinese take away. Our usual take away, the Ruby House, is shut on Mondays so had to find another.

We decided on trying the ‘Net Mayflower Chinese Restaurant’ in Cheylesmore, it used to be okay a few years back, it isn’t anymore.

We ordered:

  • Crispy Chicken in Chilli
  • Barbeque Spare Ribs in Chilli and Salt
  • Beef Black Bean Sauce and Green Pepper
  • Egg Fried Rice

The first worrying sign was in the car driving home, when the smell was something that we can only describe as ‘rotten wet bread’.

When we got it home, the ribs were dry and tough, the chicken was dry, tough and tasteless, the egg fried rice looked very brown and manky like it had seen better days…

The icing on the cake (I wish it was), was the beef which appeared to be the source of noxious odour. I put the first piece of beef in my mouth I actually had to work hard not to be sick.

We disposed of the entire meal immediately.

Worsed take-away ever, a definite FOOD FAIL!

Author: Ben King

My name is Ben King, I am a director of an Internet solutions company called bit10 ltd. My ultimate responsibility is to bring in the work that bit10 delivers. However I also do a myriad of other things, for example system design, and administration. Outside work I go out, I drink, I socialise, I cook, I have fun, oh and I play a little bit too much World of Warcraft!

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