About Me

My name is Ben King, I am 40 years old, I live in the metropolis Coventry.

I graduated in 1998 from the University of Warwick in Computer Systems Engineering.

I am an Internet guru and serial entrepreneur.

  • Warwicknet – An ISP dedicated to providing Internet access and related services to business parks, science parks and industrial estates. We currently provide service to over 60 parks across the greater Midlands area.

In my sparetime (what little of it there is), I enjoy:

  • Socialising
  • Cooking – Yes I can cook!
  • Sleeping – Well its important.
  • Drinking – mmmm Jack Daniels and Wine
  • Kids – I have 3 now.
  • Flying – I have a pilots license
  • Internet – Well it is my job

Email me: ben@warwicknet.com

Skype: benjy_cov

Phone: 07973 848007

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Ben

    I received an email from bit10 so I thought I’d pop onto the bit 10 site.. it always did look snazzy…… I see Alex and yourself are no longer at the helm !!

    Good luck in whatever you are doing…. I remember the old days about 10 years ago… the red MG and the Ben BMW !!

    All the best, Jeremy

  2. Thanks Jeremy,

    Long time no see! I can happily say that leaving bit10 was the right decision for me, taking Warwicknet was undebiably a brilliant decision! I am a very very happy chappy…

  3. I see you play other games. Do you play StarCraft II its much more skilled based the WOW.


  4. dear Ben,

    i’m struggling with deploy cluster on vyatta (VC6.4),please instruct me step by step how to completed it .thanks ben!

  5. Hsbc help line rip off call no..08456002290 help line
    I have phoned this number 5 times , it just keeps holding & holding.
    £5.25 later I gave up.
    Very poor service , possible out of the uk system .
    HSBC need to get a grip as they know exactly what they are doing with out a dout.

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